Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading About Science

I love to read - reading is my number one "hobby." In the summer and during school breaks, I usually read as many books as I have time for - last summer (2007), I read 18 books! I like to read all different kinds of books, including Harry Potter, but historical novels are my favorite. I've most recently been reading a series of novels about a "finder" or private detective in ancient Rome!

During the school year, I have less time for pleasure reading, but I still read a lot. I read the newspaper each morning, I read Newsweek each week, and other magazines such as The Science Teacher and Guideposts monthly. Most weeks, I run across an article or two in The Eagle or Newsweek that I think will apply to something we will be studying about in biology. Usually I cut them out, take them to school, and put them in a file. Most of the time, they remain in the file.

This year, I am planning to handle these science articles differently - I plan to reference them in this blog. Be prepared to occasionally read an article and answer a few questions about it, or to participate in a class discussion on a topic from the article. If possible, the article will be about a current topic of study, but remember - although I control the sequence of topics in class, I DON'T control the newspapers or magazines! But that's okay - it's perfectly fine to digress from time to time.

If possible, I'll include a link to the article so you can read it in its entirety. If not, I'll edit it down and quote the pertinent parts. I hope by doing this I can show you that biology is present all around us, all the time - not just in class at school. Biology is, after all, the study of the living world - including you, your family, your pets, your yard, etc. It's a subject we should all be interested in all the time.

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